First things first, my name is Becky, not Rebecca or Rebekah, simply just Becky.  It even says so on my birth certificate.  I am currently a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher responsible for two 90 minute blocks of Honors English and one co-taught block with our school’s ELL teacher.  When I’m not on stage in front of one of the world’s toughest audiences (middle schoolers) I’m a Super Shero to my five year old son.  He is my number one favorite person to spend my time with,  and we are often off searching the corners of the world for new adventures.  We began traveling when he was just over  a year old and by now he is a seasoned little explorer.  I also have an ongoing love affair with all things narrative.  I love reading; I’m often sleep deprived due to my inability to put down a book when I’ve reached a pivotal point in the plot or had my heart broken by an unexpected twist.


In my ten years of teaching I’ve seen strategies and initiatives come and go with the wind but something that I know will have unquestionable staying power is technology.  I entered this program with the hope of harnessing and implementing technology in a positive and enlightening manner.  My goal is to add an additional dynamic of engagement and real world skills to my classroom.  So many of my students have the belief that the sole purpose of technology is to stay connected to their influx of social media options.  I would love to help them see the true capability of technology beyond the scope of status updates and hashtags.