Ed Tech 543 – Final Reflection

Well here we are, the tail end of what will be my last summer session as I am on track to graduate next spring.  I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, even though I finally had to join the world of Twitter.  I was forced to work beyond my comfort zone, to make products I never would have thought to create or include in my teaching repertoire before this class, and put me into the shoes of my own students with the mandated group work projects.

Something that I was exposed to during this class that I plan to continue was the professional development via social media.  I have always been fairly savvy at finding information and ideas online but I was completely unaware of all of the PD that is available out there via avenues such as Twitter and real time webinars.  I feel that I’ve found a whole new world of like minded educators that I am thrilled to become a contributing member of.

I also plan to incorporate the use of Google Classroom into my upcoming school year.  I have flirted with the idea of doing this in the past but never really decide to sit down long enough to figure out how to do this successfully.  With the completion of our group mini unit I was able to see just how easy and useful this platform is to use.

Upon reflecting on my blog performance I feel it might be an example of some of my strongest work of the course.  With an ELA teaching background I tend to find that writing, especially reflecting upon my learning through writing, is not only something that is a strength of mine but is something that I truly enjoy.  Due to the appealing nature of these tasks I usually go quite in depth into my explanations and reflections.  If I were to assess the content of these blogs as well as my participation in them I would assign myself a 70 out of 75.  I do not give myself a perfect score because I know that there are always things in writing that could be improved, and because at this point in the program I feel I should start incorporating more multimedia elements into my blogs to make them stronger than the words that I pour into them.


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