Social Media Policies

Neither my school nor my district has a specific social media use policy so I decided to create my social media policy specifically for my classroom.  As an ELA teacher there a are a variety of ways in which we could successfully use social media and social networking if adhering to the policies listed below.  In addition to the policy I have made a Social Media Use Policy Reporting Form that parents, teachers, staff, community members, administrators, and students could all use to weigh in the policy itself and/or the use of social media in the classroom.

Bridgewater Social Media Policies 

For the purpose of the social media use in this classroom for the upcoming year social media will be defined as media in which students may communicate online in a public environment including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, Skype, message boards and any other new and upcoming social media platforms.

Furthermore, this policy will pertain specifically to sites in which the student represents the Cougar Community.  The purpose of this policy is not to regulate the student’s personal social media sites but students should recognize that following these guidelines outside of class help one to ensure appropriate digital citizenship.

  1. Each social media account that is used in conjunction with this class must be registered with Ms. Bridgewater prior to posting content.
  2. When posting content, identify yourself.  It needs to be clear within the posting who you are.  No anonymous posts or posts using screen names/avatars that are not registered with your account.
  3. Keep specific information about yourself and others confidential.  Do not post or share last names, birth dates, addresses or phone numbers.
  4. Use good judgement and general respect when posting content.  Do not say anything online you would not say out loud or in front of your parent/guardian or an administrator.  This includes everything from sarcasm to put downs and or threats.  Anything intended to make someone else feel negative, inferior, or fearful will not be tolerated.
  5. You are personally responsible for everything you post.  This includes not only original content but links to other content as well.  If you are concerned with the appropriateness of material check it with Ms. Bridgewater prior to posting.
  6. Own up to mistakes.  If you post something that is incorrect or inappropriate be the first to acknowledge it and work with Ms. Bridgewater to rectify the situation or minimize the negative impact this may have on you or others.  Remember, anything posted on the internet is forever.  Simply deleting material does not mean the situation is fixed.
  7. Be a participant, “listen” as much as you “talk”.  Read the posts of others and use your interaction to continue a conversation or discussion not simply to prove a point.
  8. If you come across any material that is in violation of these policies or makes your fear for the safety of yourself or others bring it to the attention of Ms. Bridgewater or an administrator immediately.  Take a screen shot or print a hard copy of the material.
  9. All school rules, featured in the school agenda, regarding the conduct of students in person are the same for conduct online.
  10. Violations of this policy will face disciplinary repercussions including but not limited to: loss of technological privileges, loss of additional school privileges, suspension, expulsion, filing of legal charges, and/or additional consequences as administration sees fit.

This social media use policy is not an exhaustive list.  With the ever changing dynamic of social media it is on you, as a consumer and user of such technology, to use your best judgement and represent yourself in the most positive of manners.

If you have feedback regarding this policy or find that someone is abusing the policy please feel free to use the form provided at the link below to communicate with me suggestions, concerns, or violations.

Social Media Use Policy Reporting Form 


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