Ed Tech 543 – First Thoughts

When I mapped out my courses for my Ed Tech program this class was one of the two I was most excited about.  The world is changing and social media is a major factor in that change.  In regards to the social networks I had to join for this course my feelings are as follows: Facebook is old hat and completely familiar to me so I’m ready for this one, Twitter I have avoided for the most part, other than trying to get picked to go backstage at a Blake Shelton Concert once, Diigo is completely unfamiliar and causes me a slight bit of anxiety, and blogging I’m completely comfortable with probably due to my English background and tendency to be wordy, which is probably also the basis of my Twitter aversion.

I have little to no experience using social media for my own professional development other than following a few other teachers on Instagram and have not used social media at all as an instructional strategy in any educational related aspect.  That is why I am here.  I know that social media has such a draw to our students and so many benefits in using it and being familiar with it.  However, due to some blatant misuses that have been thrust in the limelight for all to see and speculate about I, and I’m sure others, have shied away from utilizing this resource.  My expectations for this course are fairly basic: to become more familiar with the different types of social media and how they can successfully be incorporated into the classroom and to create a plan for incorporation into my teaching for the upcoming year.


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