PBL Post Project Reflection

Ed Tech 542 Week 11/12 Learning Log Task

A final reflection or opportunity to debrief, as a class and with individual input, is a powerful tool for a teacher to utilize thought it can be very intimidating to allow.  Giving students the opportunity to critique our lesson, even for a student centered activity such as a PBL project, opens up the chance to being vulnerable and feeling attacked.  However, if we can work with our students and keep in mind that the goal is to better the learning experience, not only for future students of the same lesson but for our current students in lessons moving forward, then this process can become less intimidating and an element that both instructor and students alike look forward to.

In my debrief process I would like to provide the following opportunities.  First, I would like to give students the chance to submit their work to be used as an exemplar for future units.  In doing this, the group will have to justify what makes their product exemplary and write up a proposal for such status.  The class, and myself will then evaluate the proposal and discuss if the product or products if multiple groups have applied are in fact exemplary.  This opens up the opportunity for students to revise and resubmit their work as well for other students to visually see what exemplary might look like compared to their product, if lacking such status.

Secondly, I would like for all students to complete an inventory in which they provide feedback on the strong, weak, and in between components of the project.  From these results I would like to form “think tank teams” to provide solutions for any part of the project that could be revised.  These teams would then present their ideas and we would have a class revision of the project to fine tune the process utilizing their ideas.

Finally, I would like to have an end of year showcase in which student rework a product of their choosing to make it the best it can be and enter it into an all star showcase.  This would allow students to reflect upon all their projects, revisit one that they are drawn to make better, and revise this product so it is the absolute best that it can be.  This would also allow students to employ the changes in the project that they helped me create in the first two steps of our debrief and provide feedback for the changes before the projects are used with a new set of students.


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