PBL Peer Review

Ed Tech 542 Week 13/14 Learning Log Task 

In providing my students opportunity for peer review one of the techniques that I would like to include is the process of critical friends. I would like to use this process as a dress rehearsal, so to speak, for the final product presentation or showcase in which students will be presenting to their authentic audience.  I believe this will be a powerful tool in that it will allow the presenting group to have a trial run showcasing their product which will serve as invaluable practice for those who struggle with such situations.  This will also allow for all groups to take on the role of the authentic audience and through the questions and consultations they perform gain insight into how to make their own product better.  I believe this opportunity for peer evaluation will be a powerful addition to my PBL because it will force every student to take on an active role in the presentation and reviewing of another’s project.  I find that at the middle school level where students are very driven by ego and status, when they are simply given a rubric to grade each other with they lack the emotional ability for deep reflective responses that prove to be authentically helpful in the revision of a project and there is little to no transfer from that student’s evaluation of another’s project to their own.

A second technique that I would like to incorporate into my PBL would be for students to anonymously (to teach other, I will know who is reviewing who) evaluate the product using the success criteria.  I have three blocks of ELA and I would like for each block to review someone from a block outside their own, or possibly even one of the other 7th grade ELA teacher’s blocks.  In doing this I would have the students not only identify which elements of the success criteria were included but have them record an example of that element and write a justification for how or why the element was successfully included.  As I stated earlier, I have found that my students will not reach this level of depth (examples and justification) without specifically being instructed to do so.  To ensure this is a successful experience I would model the process with the class first and then leave this model up so it is accessible to students while also providing stems for the justifications so they do not get lost in the verbiage of the task and instead are able to focus on reviewing of the content.  This activity would take place after the critical friends review that occurred with peers within their own block.


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