School Evaluation Summary

Technology.  This word and everything associated with it have taken us by storm over the past few decades.  Long gone are computers the size of an entire room and processing codes that take days if not weeks to work through.  Now, we have technology that is small enough to fit in our pocket that processes information faster than we could have ever thought possible.  With all of these developments how do we keep up? How do we include this in our curriculum so that our students grow and develop with the ever changing technology around them rather than get left behind and become obsolete like those computers of the early days?  One extremely useful way that I found through this class was through the use of Maturity Benchmarks to assess different areas of technology use.

In assessing my current school, Cougar Jr. U, through the following lenses: administrative, curricular, support, connectivity and innovation I was able to get a truly in depth look at exactly how we are currently using technology in our school and reflect upon ways that we can improve.  The survey and rubric required me to place various sub categories from the above named into one of the four following distinctions: emergent, islands, integrated and intelligent.

Upon completion of this activity the data pointed to my school as being strongest in the area of integrating.  Though we are a high poverty and high need school we have a strong technological foundation in regards to resources, an all star team of IT professionals, and administration that supports and encourages us to stretch our technological wings.  Our current placement is indicative of good intentions marred by lack of specific planning.  With this knowledge I know that I will return to my curriculum and use of technology with a more purposeful goal and hope that I can use this tool to communicate the need for school wide and district wide plans as well.

Below you will find links to the the survey and the evaluation summary I completed for this activity.


Evaluation Summary     



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