Annotated Bibliography

For your viewing and researching pleasure, below you will find the link to my annotated bibliography.  This features my research into the use of virtual words in the classroom.  Following that is my reflection on the process of creating this product and learning how to use APA citation.

This research was quite the adventure!  First, I began with the idea that I would like to explore the professional development side of extending educational technology strategies to a staff for implementation.  The resources I found with that goal in mind were not as useful as I hoped them to be so my focus shifted to the incorporation of virtual worlds into one’s curriculum.

Initially my virtual world of focus was virtual field trips.  These have always been of interest to me but I either found half made products online that I could never fully use or I tried to create my own and became so frustrated in the process that I abandoned the project completely.  This subject of research led me to much more usable material and I feel that I now have the background and some strategies to take another go at creating a virtual field trip as well as some ready made activities that I’m already planning to incorporate into my curriculum.

As for the APA formatting of the assignment it definitely proved to be a learning experience.  I do not have prior APA knowledge since everything for my undergraduate degree was ten years ago and MLA, which I probably would struggle with now as well seeing as though my brain has had a decade to forget the steps.  In the end I found the links and technology suggested by Dr. Schroeder to be very helpful and as I am a hands on learner the trial and error experience help to cement the process.


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